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The #1 choice for optometry board review used by over 18,000 optometry students to dominate their boards.

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Trusted Leader

For over 14 years, KMK has been the #1 choice for optometry board review in the United States. For the last six years, over 97% of Optometry students nationwide trusted KMK for review!

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Organization Made Easy

The NBEO® matrix can be overwhelming with over 1,200 items for review.  Our online system guides you through a proven study plan, with step by step goals, to keep you focused and motivated. 

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Proven Process

Study with confidence knowing 18,000+ students have used KMK to pass their test!   We are so confident KMK can help you dominate your exam we offer our Student Success Commitment.

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KMK Evolve Practice Tests®

KMK’s practice tests now include the most questions in the industry.  Each Evolve Practice® Test contains the exact number of questions and breakdown as the actual NBEO® exam. Learn more!

Powerful Online Learning Tools

Each KMK course features a concise textbook and a combination of robust online learning resources designed to help every style of learner.

  • Each course includes access to KMK flashcards and the ability to save flashcards for later review.
  • KMK's online learning system contains 36+ hours of newly recorded HD videos to help you navigate efficiently through the textbook.
  • The online learning platform is created with your schedule in mind. Follow our guided step-by-step plan, or jump to the topics you want to cover first.
  • KMK's test options are new and better than ever. We have 4000+ questions, the most in the industry, and they are included at no extra charge with your subscription.

Simplified Textbooks Designed For You

Do standardized test scare you? Relax... our textbooks simplify the study process by organizing and simplifying all of the key concepts in one place.

  • The KMK online videos are the ultimate study partner! Simply open your textbook, push play on the video, and we will guide you through each chapter, page by page.
  • Our textbooks are updated every year! KMK's new Part 1, 11th Edition, is the most advanced KMK textbook ever released. Learn More
  • Full of updates, the new Part 1 textbook includes diagrams developed by KMK's Director of Visual Education, Dr. Nicole Theiss.
  • Both new Part 1 & Part 2 editions are included with the KMK Plus & Signature Packages. The New Part 1 & Part 2 textbooks were released in May of 2018.

Precise Practice® Tests

The KMK Precise Practice® tests are designed to help you dominate specific subjects on the Part 1 and Part 2 exams (e.g. pharmacology, biochemistry, optics). Each subject area has three levels of questions- easy, moderate, hard. To advance a level, hit a streak of five questions correct. If you exhaust all questions within a subject, you have the flexibility to restart any level, of any subject, for constant repetition and progress. 

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Evolve Practice® Tests

Assess your knowledge and control your experience with the new KMK Evolve Practice® Tests. Each practice test contains the exact number of questions and breakdown as the actual NBEO® exam. Each time you pass a practice test (70% or higher) you "level-up" to a new Evolve Practice® Test that is slightly more difficult. This allows you to gradually build your foundation and confidence. 

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KMK Releases 4,000+ Questions

More is usually better. In the case of exam preparation questions, its great! KMK strives to continually provide Optometry students with the best resources and material for their board review. KMK now has 4,000+ test questions available for Part 1 review!  We are hearing awesome feedback across the country about this new addition.  These questions… Read More »

Modern Review Designed For Today’s Busy Optometry Student

We can’t wait to help you dominate your boards!  Over the past 14 years, we have had the privilege of helping over 17,000 Optometry students crush their review.   We love what we do and consider it a huge privilege to help students overcome the challenge and anxiety associated with boards.All of our review course options… Read More »

Introducing the New KMKGo. App

Introducing KMK Go, the #1 Optometry boards review app designed for today’s busy Optometry student.  The KMK Go app now includes access to the redesigned KMK Part 2 review course. Dominate your Part 1 and Part 2 NBEO® exams with one app, KMK Go!The new KMK Go app includes 20+ hours of NEW HD videos… Read More »

KMK Course Options

KMK now offers even more education to help you pass the NBEO® exams. Each course is proven to help expand on your great education and put you one step closer to achieving your dream! Chose an option below and add courses later. Dominate your exams and let KMK help you on your journey to becoming a great OD.  

KMK Core

Part 1 Only


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  • KMK Part 1 Structured Course
  • KMK Part 1 Review Textbook
  • KMK Part 1 Live Lectures*
  • KMK Part 1 Online HD Review Videos
  • KMK Part 1 Interactive Flashcards
  • KMK Part 1 Evolve Practice® Tests
  • KMK Part 1 Precise Practice® Tests
  • KMK App
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KMK Plus+

Part 1 + Part 2


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Save $120

Priority access: Gain 9 months of additional access to the Part 2 online course (standard course is 9 months).

Priority shipping: Save $120 by purchasing Part 1 and Part 2 at the same time.  Over 80% of Optometry students chose this option last year. Get an early start with your Part 2 preparation by receiving your KMK materials first.

  • Includes everything from Core
  • KMK Part 2 Structured Course
  • KMK Part 2 Review Textbook
  • KMK Part 2 Online HD Review Videos
  • KMK Part 2 Interactive Flashcards
  • KMK Part 2 Review Tests
  • KMK Part 2 Image Gallery
  • KMK Part 2 TMOD Section
  • KMK Part 2 Full Cases & Minicases
  • KMK App + Part 2
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KMK Signature



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Save $1,000+

Dominate your review and experience the confidence behind a clear-cut, tactical 3 phase proven study process. Elevate your review with 10+ hours of LIVE coaching with KMK team members, 10+ hours of additional Signature Video On Demand, and advance your knowledge with the all NEW KMK Booster Courses®, and the KMK Crash Courses®. Save $1,000 by purchasing all of the KMK courses and learning resources at one time.

Registration limited to first 600 students

  • Includes everything from Plus
  • KMK Guided Study Plan
  • 10+ Hours of LIVE KMK Signature® Coaching
  • Access to KMK Streamcast® Sessions
  • Signature VOD
  • 250+ New Review Questions
  • 4 hour HD Optics Booster Course
  • 5 hour HD Pharmacology Booster Course
  • 6 hour  HD Anatomy/Disease Booster Course
  • 16+ hour Part 1 Crash Course
  • 10+ hour Part 2 Crash Course
  • KMK App
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