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Concetrate on the areas that matter the most. The Booster course is designed to elevate your review in 3 key areas - Optics - Ocular Anatomy/Disease - Pharmacology

Precision Focused

Integrate. Elevate. Dominate.

In the world of board review you can't get much more focused than the KMK Booster Course series. 

We combined 3 of the most difficult subjects on boards, based on student feedback and past board scores, and developed a course just for you. 

We call it Booster to showcase Optometry students ability to retain massive amounts of information and elevate their board performance and preparation toward becoming a great OD. 

The Full Stack.

Its no secret, the Booster course is one powerful tool for board review. In combination with the KMK Signature program, it provides Optometry students with the best fighting chance at earning their "P".

You are Covered

Fully Integrated

The KMK Booster Course series is designed to fit perfectly with any review plan, but is specifically designed to integrate with the KMK Signature┬« course. 

Developed around 3 core concepts, this video series elevates Optometry student review in the areas that matter the most. 

Based on 13 years of research, the Booster Course focuses on the 3 areas of Part 1 that Optometry students find the most difficult. Leave the stress behind and let KMK dominate these subjects with you.

Modern Innovation

The Textbook To End All Textbooks

The Booster Course Textbook is one of the most popular advancements for Optometry students. Released in 2018, this textbook takes a visual approach to breaking down some of the more difficult subjects on boards. 

Illustrated by KMK's Graphics Editor, Dr. Nicole Theiss, and curated by KMK's Chief Medical Editor, this book is exactly what Optometry students have been requesting for years. 

The KMK Booster course is a prerequisite to the popular KMK Crash Course. The combo of courses is designed to make sure you are bullet-proof in the areas that matter most and the Crash Course ensures you are exam-ready.

KMK offers a variety of course designed to help Optometry students dominate their review and crush boards. Each course features all new content released in 2017 & 2018.

2 Course Confidence.

Explore All Courses.

KMK Signature incorporates a proven study method designed to help students increase their overall performance by 11% on Part 1 of boards. 

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The KMK Booster Course series is implemented during the 2nd phase of repetition. 15+ hours of video focus on three key areas Optometry students struggle with the most: Optics, Ocular Anatomy/Disease and Pharmacology.

KMK's Part 1 Crash Course is a collection of 16+ hours of videos featuring over 750+ questions and coaching. KMK Instructors coach you through the questions to ensure you are "exam-ready". 

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Signature is truly the best of KMK and 100% comprehensive for your board review. KMK's new Part 2 course, used by over 90% of the nation, is include with your upgrade or purchase. 

The new KMK part 2 Crash Course is automatically loaded for you when you join Signature. This course tackles all the key concepts one final time before your part 2 board exam.



Booster Course

Primary focus: Ocular Anatomy/Disease, Optics, Pharmacology



Part 1: Crash Course

Primary focus: exam-ready



Booster Book

Integrated topic material



+ Questions

Primary focus: exam-ready

100% On-Demand

Just wait for your KMK Booster book to arrive and click play.

Courses With a Powerful Purpose.

Each KMK review course is created with a purpose, to help Optometry students in any way we can. The Booster course is an exact fit for this philosophy. Based on student feedback and years of working with 15,000+ Optometry students, we started to recognize a concerning trend. Our team identified three 3 statistical areas where Optometry students were struggling most on boards. 

We created the Booster Course series to solve this problem; a video course combined with a state-of-the-art textbook designed to attack the main areas of student stress, Ocular Anatomy/Disease, Optics and Pharmacology. We invite you to experience a new style of board review and load the KMK Booster course as part of your plan, or add the KMK Signature plan to take advantage of all the new KMK resources.

Your Future Is Bright.

KMK is dedicated to the success of our future colleagues around the world. 

By ODs for Future ODs.