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The Crash Course is fully on-demand and constructed for last minute upgrades. Also available in the app, the Crash Course is the perfect companion course for last min review of flashcards and precise practice questions.

The Full Stack.

The Crash Course is Optometry students #1 upgrade for Part 1. In fact, over 1,200 Optometry students have used the Crash Course as part of their final review preparation as of March 2018. Blend this course with the Booster Course and the KMK Signature guided study plan and you have a course proven to elevate your board performance.

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The only KMK course in the history of board review that does not require a book. Simply load your upgrade and click play.

Get "Exam-Ready"

The Final Course

The KMK Crash Course is designed to provide you with a fast-paced review of each subject one last time before boards. 

This course is jam packed full of content and loaded with 16.5 hours of HD on-demand video. Featuring over 750 questions, with coaching on each question, this course is focused on making sure you know your stuff inside and out.

Join KMK Instructors as they pop-up questions, reveal the correct answers, and coach you through each important element.

The KMK Crash Course is designed to follow the KMK Booster Course. It is all part of the 3 phase study plan to maximize repetition before boards.

KMK offers a variety of course designed to help Optometry students dominate their review and crush boards. Each course features all new content released in 2017 & 2018.

2 Course Confidence.

Explore All Courses.

Signature is truly the best of KMK and 100% comprehensive for your board review. KMK's new Part 2 course, used by over 90% of the nation, is included with your upgrade or purchase.

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The KMK Booster Course series is implemented during the 2nd phase of repetition. 15+ hours of video focus on three key areas Optometry students struggle with the most: Optics, Ocular Anatomy/Disease and Pharmacology. Learn More >

KMK's Part 1 Crash Course is a collection of 16+ hours of videos featuring over 750+ questions and coaching. KMK Instructors coach you through the questions to ensure you are "exam-ready". 

Signature is truly the best of KMK and 100% comprehensive for your board review. KMK's new Part 2 course, used by over 90% of the nation, is include with your upgrade or purchase. 

The new KMK part 2 Crash Course is automatically loaded for you when you join Signature. This course tackles all the key concepts one final time before your part 2 board exam. 



Booster Course

Primary focus: Ocular Anatomy/Disease, Optics, Pharmacology



Part 1: Crash Course

Primary focus: exam-ready



Booster Book

Integrated topic material



+ Questions

Primary focus: exam-ready

100% On-Demand

No need to wait for your book. Just load the upgrade and click play. ** Automatically included as part of KMK Signature. **

The Power of Last Minute Review.

There is a right and wrong way to approach the last month of boards prep. Cramming is not the right approach. NBEO® exams cover so much information that its impossible to memorize your way through all of the concepts.  

2-3 weeks before your exam is the optimal time for fast-paced repetition and review. At this point, you have established a strong foundation and you are primed to get "exam-ready." The KMK Crash Course was entirely re-designed in 2018 to give Optometry students more questions and coaching than ever before in a format optimized for last minute review. 

With the right combination of courses and hard work, you can dominate this exam.

Today's Optometry Student is Tomorrow's Rockstar OD. 

KMK is dedicated to the success of our future colleagues around the world. 

By ODs for Future ODs.