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On average Optometry students experienced an 11% increase in their overall performance after completing the KMK Signature® program.

Proof: Based on statistical data gathered from KMK Signature students, the mean change in performance was 11.8% (± 1.2%).


Maximize Your Review

3x Video. 3x Repetition.

Signature gives you access to 3x the amount of review video and provides you with a state-of-the-art 3x repetition study plan.

All your review materials and textbooks ship immediately when you upgrade or order. Everything you need for your review is at the click of a button. 

Experience Freedom

Connect. Integrate. Dominate.

Relax, we have done all the organization for you. Optometry students experience even more freedom with their busy schedule with a guided study plan. 

Organized by topic, each day walks you through the critical concepts while integrating additional resources to maximize your review time. 

Every Resource Ever Developed for Board Review At Your Fingertips.

KMK Signature® packs all the KMK review tools into one  course. Each element inside the KMK Signature course has been meticulously designed to help you get the most out of all the review resources. So you’re free to dominate each topic using a guided study plan to leverage the most advanced course materials.

Daily Study Plan

Clear. Detailed. Organized.

Transform the way you review with a proven study plan that has helped over 1,430 Optometry earn their "P". 

Experience the clarity and freedom of a daily study plan designed to help Optometry students crush boards. 

KMK Signature is the only review course proven to raise Optometry board scores. On average Optometry students experienced an 11% increase in their overall performance after completing the KMK Signature program.

KMK Signature brings the best resources right to your computer, tablet or in app. All 5 courses below are included as part of the Signature Course. Each course is designed in sequence to be used at specific times leading up to boards.

Tested. Proven. Dominate.

Explore Signature Courses.

KMK Signature incorporates a proven study method designed to help students increase their overall performance on Part 1 of boards.

The KMK Booster Course series is implemented during the 2nd phase of repetition. 15+ hours of video focus on three key areas Optometry students struggle with the most: Optics, Ocular Anatomy/Disease and Pharmacology. Learn More >

KMK's Part 1 Crash Course is a collection of 16+ hours of videos featuring over 750+ questions and coaching. KMK Instructors coach you through the questions to ensure you are "exam-ready". 

Learn More >

Signature is truly the best of KMK and 100% comprehensive for your board review. KMK's new Part 2 course, used by over 90% of the nation, is include with your upgrade or purchase. 

The new KMK part 2 Crash Course is automatically loaded for you when you join Signature. This course tackles all the key concepts one final time before your part 2 board exam.

HD video




new questions


average boost in board performance


Now with Signature On-Demand

Quick, on-demand videos featuring additional coaching, right when you need it. 

KMK created the Signature course specifically for students who were unsuccessful on Part 1. Based on student requests, our team wanted to develop a course to help the Optometry students who needed it most.

Accelerate Your Review.

The world’s most advanced Optometry boards review course.

See What Students Have To Say.

The signature course webinars helped me not only to better understand the material, but to really solidify my knowledge. Now out on my 4th year rotations I truly feel like I have a deeper knowledge base than my classmates who chose not to purchase signature. IT WAS A GAME CHANGER AND WORTH EVERY PENNY!!

Danielle Ringle @ Western University of Optometry

KMK’s Signature Course has forever changed how I view optometry and patient care. I am both a visual and kinesthetic learner that needs constant repetition to dominate key concepts, and the KMK team really helped me piece everything together through their simple diagrams, forum, and active webinars. Signature gave me incredible structure, support, and a great foundation for not only Part I, but the rest of my career!

Julie Chao @ Western University of Optometry

The KMK Signature Review Course was exactly the structure, composure, and inspiration that I needed to prepare for the NBEO part 1 exam. Kyle and the entire KMK team took concepts from all the NBEO (major and minor) sections and stretched them so that we really understood them both forwards and backwards. The live sessions with Kyle is where I benefited the most as Kyle really pushed our knowledge, quizzed us with multiple choice questions, where we worked through concepts together, drew out mechanisms, and encouraged one another to DOMINATE the exam.

Mallory Andrews @ Massachusetts College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences

Signature is Designed Just For You

Optometry students are busy. We understand, and have heard from students over the years that organization of all the information can be a huge challenge. On top of that, take into consideration the psychological strain of having take boards again... KMK was originally created to help remove stress for Optometry students by providing simple resources to help focus on the main areas. 

More importantly we want to help every Optometry student on their way to becoming a great OD. 

Over the years, technology, NBEO® exams, and the demands of Optometry school have changed. And the study tools desired by Optometry students have changed as well. We immediately recognized the need for a modern approach to board prep that is structured with clear goals and on-demand options for students. 

Our team jumped into action and re-recorded all the Part 1 content, launched two new review courses, Booster & Crash Course, and carefully crafted a plan for students to attack boards with all these new tools. 

This is Signature, developed specifically for today's Optometry student.

Advanced courses are designed to accelerate your understanding of key concepts on boards.



Booster Course

Primary focus: Ocular Anatomy/Disease, Optics, Pharmacology



Part 1: Crash Course

Primary focus: exam-ready



Signature On-Demand

Integrated topic material



+ Questions

Primary focus: exam-ready

The future of board review is ready for you.

Each KMK course is full of resources Optometry students have used for over 12 years to dominate their boards. Choose which option fits you best and you can always upgrade later. 


Start Dominating Your Review Today.

KMK is dedicated to the success of our future colleagues around the world. 

By ODs for Future ODs.