More Part 1 Questions Than Ever Before 


Dominate Each Area

Focus & Level Up

What if you identify a weak subject and want practice exams only for that subject? Meet KMK Precise Practice® Tests. 

These assessments are created for every section on the NBEO® outline and are designed to help you dominate specific subjects on the exam (e.g. pharmacology, biochemistry, optics). Each subject area has three levels of questions - easy, moderate, hard. To advance a level, hit 10 questions correct. If you exhaust all questions within a subject, you have the flexibility to restart any level, of any subject, for constant repetition and progress up to 3 times following a successful attempt. 

These exams feature instant feedback and additional explanations for each question in every subject. 

New Features: Save Questions For Later Review | In App Offline Access | In App Dashboard Access | Correct Answer Display | ADA Compliant Display Settings | Release Date: 09.01.18

Mock Exams That Rise To Meet You

Let's Get Real

The KMK Evolve Practice® Tests is a feature designed to simulate your Part 1 exam! One of the most challenging aspects of boards is the first-time experience of having questions from multiple subjects on one exam. 

Each test contains the exact number of questions and breakdown as the actual NBEO exam. Each time you pass a Practice Test (70% or higher) you “level-up” to a new Practice Test that is slightly more difficult. This allows you to gradually build your foundation and confidence in a test environment that mimics the actual exam.

New Features: Save Questions For Later Review | In App Dashboard Results Access | Subject Specific Scoring Display | Release Date: 09.01.18

You Got This. We Believe In You.

KMK is dedicated to the success of our future colleagues around the world. 

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