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Crash Course Part 1 is Here

Optometry students are smart.  Since day one at KMK in 2004 we have operated with that mindset and each year you validate our perspective.  It is incredible to see how quickly and thoroughly students across the country dominate concepts when the material is presented clearly with technology that incorporates how you learn best.  We add one… Read More »

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KMK Contributor Spotlight – Dr. Remington

Dr. Lee Ann Remington is one of Optometry’s leading experts in Ocular Anatomy & Ocular Physiology.  KMK is thrilled to have Dr. Remington’s expertise in contributing to our Part 1 test questions for Ocular Anatomy!  It is an honor for KMK to have another leading expert in our profession contribute for the benefit of students… Read More »

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5 Tips to Maximize Studying For NBEO® Exams

We all know from the moment we enter optometry school that NBEO exams are looming.  And optometry students all across the country tell us that their lives are crazy busy.  In the midst of this craziness, and just trying to keep up with the typical responsibilities of optometry school, the challenge of boards and how… Read More »

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