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KMK is all designed around Optometry students and the profession. Stay up-to-date with all the upgrades and announcements, get coaching tips and pointers from the KMK team, and more.

KMK Streamcast® – Connecting With Optometry Students Everywhere

KMK Streamcast® was released just in time for the 2017-2018 academic calendar. This new service allows KMK to deliver more motivation, tips, review, and coaching to optometry students than ever before. KMK Streamcast® uses broadcasting technology to provide students with a one-on-one experience with Dr. Kyle Cheatham and other KMK Instructors. This technology is primarily… Read More »

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The New KMK Whiteboard® Experience

We are constantly looking for new ways to innovate our technology and deliver a better experience for Optometry students. The NBEO® exams are stressful, and we want to make the review process as painless as possible. ” There are many new and exciting technological updates with KMK, but the integration of the KMK Whiteboard® into… Read More »

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Meet Your New Best Friend

When you are studying for boards, wouldn’t it be nice to have an Optometry genius as a study partner…. for every section on the NBEO® outline?  Imagine how much faster you could get through the content.   You could ask them a question anytime you want and get an immediate, concise answer.  Meet Dom, KMK’s… Read More »

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