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Introducing the New KMKGo. App

Introducing KMK Go, the #1 Optometry boards review app designed for today’s busy Optometry student.  The KMK Go app now includes access to the redesigned KMK Part 2 review course. Dominate your Part 1 and Part 2 NBEO® exams with one app, KMK Go!The new KMK Go app includes 20+ hours of NEW HD videos… Read More »

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The Part 1 Review Textbook That Advances With The Exam

KMK is proud to introduce the new Part 1, 11th Edition textbook that includes the most up to date and clinically relevant information in optometry.  Led by KMK’s Chief Medical Editor, Dr. Kendra Dalton, this textbook includes significant updates in the Systemic Disease and Ocular Disease chapters.According to the NBEO® Part 1 matrix available on… Read More »

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KMK Optometry Image Gallery Powered By Instagram®

It is no secret, your Part 2 exam is filled with images, and recognizing the conditions in these images is a vital component of Part 2 success.  As you may know, the case-based questions in Part 2 are presented in a series.  For example, question #1 in the case may ask about diagnosis, question #2… Read More »

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