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It is no secret, your Part 2 exam is filled with images, and recognizing the conditions in these images is a vital component of Part 2 success.  As you may know, the case-based questions in Part 2 are presented in a series.  For example, question #1 in the case may ask about diagnosis, question #2… Read More »

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Modern Review Designed For Today’s Busy Optometry Student

We can’t wait to help you dominate your boards!  Over the past 14 years, we have had the privilege of helping over 17,000 Optometry students crush their review.   We love what we do and consider it a huge privilege to help students overcome the challenge and anxiety associated with boards.All of our review course options… Read More »

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Crash Course Part 1 is Here

Optometry students are smart.  Since day one at KMK in 2004 we have operated with that mindset and each year you validate our perspective.  It is incredible to see how quickly and thoroughly students across the country dominate concepts when the material is presented clearly with technology that incorporates how you learn best.  We add one… Read More »

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