KMK Contributor Spotlight – Dr. Remington

Dr. Lee Ann Remington is one of Optometry’s leading experts in Ocular Anatomy & Ocular Physiology.  KMK is thrilled to have Dr. Remington’s expertise in contributing to our Part 1 test questions for Ocular Anatomy!  It is an honor for KMK to have another leading expert in our profession contribute for the benefit of students across the country.

Dr. Remington’s textbook, Clinical Anatomy & Physiology of the Visual System, 3rd Edition, is KMKs top recommended textbook for students requesting additional help in Ocular Anatomy for NBEO® Part 1 Preparation.   Dr. Remington holds the distinguished position of  Faculty Emeritus/Professor at Pacific University where she obtained her BS and OD degree.  Optometry students at Pacific University have benefited from her expertise for decades.  Her textbook and contribution to KMKs practice tests allow the rest of the country to learn from her incredible knowledge and practical ability to simplify a complicated topic! 
One of the best parts about Dr. Remington’s textbook is that it combines many of the best resources for Ocular Anatomy and Ocular Physiology into one resource.  In addition, it incorporates histologic information (also tested on NBEO® Part 1) and Ocular Disease as well.  The textbook is full of vivid illustrations to simplify complex anatomy and physiology.  
We all know that anatomy and physiology serve as the foundation for disease.  This textbook helps solidify the underlying anatomy and physiology, allowing ocular disease preparation to be more comprehensive and efficient.  At KMK, we always stress the “WHY” behind everything.   The NBEO® outline hammers this mindset with an emphasis on pathophysiology throughout their content matrix.  Bottom line = we love Dr. Remington’s textbook because it simplifies the pathophysiology and allows the “aha moments” to happen quicker for students.  
Last, but not least, the textbook has a consistent emphasis on clinical application.  Dr. Remington is an OD.  It is wonderful to have an anatomy and physiology text written by an actual optometrist who has a clinical perspective.  This mindset is seen throughout the book where an ocular disease is immediately explained after Dr. Remington has just simplified the underlying anatomy and physiology.  This is a great way to learn and is consistent with our approach at KMK for comprehensive board review.    
We applaud Dr. Remington for her outstanding contribution to Optometric education across the world.  KMK is extremely thankful for her help and being apart of bringing the best minds in our profession together for the benefit of students at all colleges and universities of Optometry.  Thank you Dr. Remington!

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