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It is no secret, your Part 2 exam is filled with images, and recognizing the conditions in these images is a vital component of Part 2 success.  As you may know, the case-based questions in Part 2 are presented in a series.  For example, question #1 in the case may ask about diagnosis, question #2 on the pathophysiology of the condition asked in question #1, and question #3 on the treatment of the condition asked about in question #1.   In other words, if you fail to recognize the image and misdiagnosis the condition, you can quickly go down the wrong train and miss 4-5 questions in a row.   But… let’s get optimistic real fast now…. if we become awesome at identifying images and can nail the diagnosis on each case, it immediately puts us in position to dominate the series of questions that follow for case after case after case.  

One of the best parts about the Part 2 exam is that the skillset required to perform well on the exam is similar to real life as a practicing OD.  As ODs we are constantly analyzing images and scans to make sure we can correctly identify and treat a variety of ocular conditions.  And once we have interpreted all that information correctly, we get the privilege of articulating the plan to the patient in a way that empowers them to act on their diagnosis and your treatment plan.  You are going to love that aspect of clinical practice!

KMK’s Part 2 course has always included images, but this past year we recognized a problem. The students who are struggling on Part 2 need MORE repetition, more practice, and quicker access to images.  They need to be able to see conditions in a variety of ways.  The reality is that most of us spend our 2nd and 3rd years of optometry school reading and studying about conditions we have never seen before in clinic, but yet we enter the Part 2 exam suddenly with the pressure of needing to identify an image or two to get the next 4-5 questions correct in that case.  And then we start that same sequence again with the next case, and the next, etc.  If you are reading this and feeling some pain, don’t worry, we understand and are excited to help!

Ahead of the new KMK Part 2 release, we are excited to announce the latest innovation for Optometry student board review. Say hello to the new KMK Image Gallery powered by Instagram®. See video > 

By leveraging the power of social media and Instagram®, KMK’s new Part 2 Image Gallery is updated weekly to include new images. This improves engagement opportunities and places relevant information right in the palm of your hand. Curated by KMK’s Chief Medial Editor, Dr. Kendra Dalton, and monitored by the KMK team, new images are added every week. (Tip: Turn on post notifications to see when new images are added) Learn more >

The KMK Part 2 Image Library is only available for those Optometry students with an active KMK Part 2 plan. To gain access to the new KMK Part 2 Image Gallery follow the steps below.

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