KMK Streamcast® – Connecting With Optometry Students Everywhere

KMK Streamcast® was released just in time for the 2017-2018 academic calendar. This new service allows KMK to deliver more motivation, tips, review, and coaching to optometry students than ever before. KMK Streamcast® uses broadcasting technology to provide students with a one-on-one experience with Dr. Kyle Cheatham and other KMK Instructors. This technology is primarily used for the coaching sessions included with the Signature Coaching course.

” KMK Streamcast® provides us with the ability to connect Optometry students across the country in a community atmosphere, allowing us to attack these exams as a team. We are excited to do even more with this technology in the future. ”

– Co-Founder & CEO, Dr. Kyle Cheatham


KMK Streamcast® features LIVE Q&A to help students test their knowledge in each coaching session, along with a LIVE chat feature. This provides optometry students with instant feedback and enhances the study community. KMK Streamcast® events feature the use of the interactive KMK Whiteboard® and also use the newest polling software, KMK Live®. There are immediate plans to use this KMK Streamcast®, and the KMK Studio® to deliver podcasts, quick tutorials, motivation, and more content throughout the year.