Meet Your New Best Friend

When you are studying for boards, wouldn’t it be nice to have an Optometry genius as a study partner…. for every section on the NBEO® outline?  Imagine how much faster you could get through the content.   You could ask them a question anytime you want and get an immediate, concise answer.  Meet Dom, KMK’s new search bot!  Dom, short for our motto #dominate, is a tiny search bot with big powers.

The KMK knowledge center, created by KMK’s Chief Medical Editor, Dr. Kendra Dalton, was developed based on student submitted questions and responses over the past 3 years. All of this information was compiled into a searchable knowledge center that can be accessed inside any KMK course.

” DOM was created to provide student access to a wealth of information,” said KMK’s Chief Innovation Officer, Brandon Osborn. “His name came naturally; however, the knowledge center, developed by Dr. Kendra Dalton, has taken over 3 years to develop. We know students are busy. We can’t wait to release DOM because we are confident he will make preparation more efficient. ”

– Chief Innovation Officer, Brandon Osborn

DOM was designed to display answers to questions submitted by students.  If DOM is unable to deliver a search option, he will report the question to the team as a recommendation to include in the knowledge center.

DOM will continue to develop and advance each year with student submitted questions. If you have a question, simply ask DOM.