KMK Releases 4,000+ Questions

More is usually better. In the case of exam preparation questions, its great! KMK strives to continually provide Optometry students with the best resources and material for their board review.

KMK now has 4,000+ test questions available for Part 1 review!  We are hearing awesome feedback across the country about this new addition.  These questions are automatically included (at no extra charge) as part of your Part 1 board review course!

” A big part of preparation is testing your knowledge. We challenged our team to push beyond our current system and develop even more testing options for Optometry students. I am proud to say that KMK now has more test questions and assessment tools than ever before. ”

– Co-Founder & CEO, Dr. Kyle Cheatham

These 4,000+ questions are organized into two separate areas to help students assess their knowledge level, strengths and weaknesses in specific subjects and dominate their review.

KMK Evolve Practice® Tests
(1,110 questions)

One of the challenges of boards is that it is the first time a student is exposed to questions from multiple subjects being in one exam.  For example, you could have an anatomy question followed by microbiology, followed by immunology, optics, etc.  It is a challenging adjustment for some Optometry students. 

To ease this stress for students, we have created a series of six KMK Evolve Practice® Tests.  Each practice test contains the exact number of questions and breakdown as the actual NBEO® exam.  There are six tests and each test is 185 questions (total of 1,110 questions). 

Each time you pass a practice test (70% or higher) you “level-up” to a new practice test that is slightly more difficult.  This allows you to gradually build your foundation and confidence in a test environment that mimics the actual exam.  How cool is that!

KMK Precise Practice® Tests
(2,390 questions)

The KMK Evolve Practice® Tests are awesome for students who want to practice in a mock-exam environment, but we know some students want to be razor-focused on improving specific subject areas.  This is why we created the KMK Precise Practice® Tests. 

These assessments are created for every section on the matrix and are designed to help you dominate specific subjects on the exam (e.g. pharmacology, biochemistry, optics).  Each subject area has three levels of questions – easy, moderate, hard.  To advance a level,  hit a streak of five questions correct.  If you exhaust all questions within a subject, you have the flexibility to restart any level, of any subject, for constant repetition and progress!

KMK Video Library 
(500+ questions)

The new KMK Part 1 video library is designed to help Optometry students maximize their review time with immediate application and more organization. The new KMK Part 1 video library has been redesigned and reformatted to include more content than ever before. Each video has been produced in HD for a better experience. Additionally, subjects are now divided out into units. 

Each unit contains two videos that are bookmarked with a 5 question quiz for rapid application. Optometry students can now review a video, follow along in their textbook, and immediately answer questions that pertain to the content in the video. Passing each quiz with an 80% allows a student to advance to the next topic in that unit. 

All these newly developed questions are included with KMK Part 1 Core, KMK Plus and KMK Signature® Coaching subscriptions.