KMK Contributors

These authors are the heroes of our profession and we are indebted to their work.

These contributors graciously accepted an invitation from KMK to collaborate and have contributed their expertise to the benefit of Optometry students nationwide. KMK’s mission is not about helping students simply pass a test.

We are passionate about bringing the best of Optometry together to help students learn the concepts so thoroughly that they become better ODs. The accurate, evidence-based content provided by these contributors has helped students elevate their review in preparation for being a great OD!

Thank you to all those who have worked with KMK to help students dominate boards. Your contribution has made a significant impact on thousands of Optometry students. We are excited to continue the mission of bringing the best of Optometry together for the betterment of students nationwide.

Dr. Kendra Null, DIP ABO | KMK Chief Medical Editor

Author, KMK CEO-ECO Addendum Textbook 2017

Dr. Larry Alexander, FAAO

Author, Primary Care of the Posterior Segment

Dr. Edward Bennett, MS, FAAO

Author, Clinical Manual of Contact Lenses

Dr. Jimmy Bartlett, DOS, SCD

Author, Clinical Ocular Pharmacology

Dr. Lee Ann Remington, MS, FAAO

Author, Clinical Anatomy and Physiology of the Visual System


Author & Assistant Professor, Western University of Optometry

Dr. Barry Weissman, PHD

Author, Clinical Contact Lens Practice

Dr. Sarah Dougherty Wood, MS, FAAO, DIP ABO

Clinical Instructor at University of Michigan
Author, KMK Update Edition 1 – Edition 3.4