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Optometry students increase their board scores with a proven study plan, advanced courses, 3x the videos, and 3x the repetition.


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The Ultimate KMK Part 1 Review Course

Experience an 11% boost in your boards performance with Signature’s 3 phase study plan. 

Based on statistics gathered from KMK Signature students in October of 2016, the mean change in performance was 11.8% (± 1.2%). This course is designed to present Optometry students with the access to every review tool developed by KMK, including, new advanced courses, practice tests, learning modules and more. 

Includes Every KMK Review Course

Unlimited access to every learning tool ever developed  by KMK for board review.

  • KMK Signature Course® - Access to the most advanced review course and study plan ever developed by KMK. This includes the standard KMK Part 1 Course.
  • KMK Booster Course® Series - 15 hours of exclusive video content covering the most challenging subjects on the NBEO® matrix.  
  • Part 1 KMK Crash Course® - 20 hour video course designed for fast-paced review and repetition one final time prior to test day.
  • Part 2 Course - Access to the full KMK Part 2 online course.
  • Part 2 KMK Crash Course® - 10 hour video course designed for fast-paced review and repetition one final time prior to test day.

3x The Review

A tactical 3 phase study structure, carefully designed repetition & advanced courses.

  • Phase 1 - Structured Study Plan - The guided study plan helps students prep with purpose. This plan guides the student through the material 3 times prior to boards.
  • Phase 2 - KMK Booster® Courses - Three advanced 5-hour courses focused on three of the main areas that create anxiety for students: Optics, Pharmacology, & Ocular Anatomy/Disease.
  • Phase 3 - Part 1 KMK Crash Course® - Released two weeks prior to the exam. Includes 20+ hours of online review to cover key concepts one final time just prior to the exam.

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Trusted Leader

For over 13 years, KMK has been the #1 choice for optometry board review in the United States. For the last five years, over 96% of optometry students nationwide trusted KMK for review!

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Organization Made Easy

The NBEO® matrix can be overwhelming with over 1,200 items for review.  Our online system guides you through a proven study plan, with step by step goals, to keep you focused and motivated. 

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Proven Process

Study with confidence knowing 15,000+ students have used KMK to pass their test!   We are so confident KMK can help you dominate your exam we offer our Student Success Commitment.

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KMK Evolve Practice Tests®

KMK’s practice tests now include the most questions in the industry.  Each Evolve Practice® Test contains the exact number of questions and breakdown as the actual NBEO® exam. Learn more!

KMK Releases 4,000+ Questions

More is usually better. In the case of exam preparation questions, its great! KMK strives to continually provide Optometry students with the best resources and material for their board review. KMK now has 4,000+ test questions available for Part 1 review!  We are hearing awesome feedback across the country about this new addition.  These questions… Read More »

Meet Your New Best Friend

When you are studying for boards, wouldn’t it be nice to have an Optometry genius as a study partner…. for every section on the NBEO® outline?  Imagine how much faster you could get through the content.   You could ask them a question anytime you want and get an immediate, concise answer.  Meet Dom, KMK’s… Read More »

The New KMK Whiteboard® Experience

We are constantly looking for new ways to innovate our technology and deliver a better experience for Optometry students. The NBEO® exams are stressful, and we want to make the review process as painless as possible. ” There are many new and exciting technological updates with KMK, but the integration of the KMK Whiteboard® into… Read More »