KMK Evolve Practice®

Test with the exact same number, percentage, and breakdown as your Part 1 exam.

KMK Evolve Practice® Test

The KMK team is advancing one of Optometry student’s favorite test features. The KMK Evolve Practice® test
 is designed to simulate your Part 1 exam!  

 One of the most challenging aspects of boards is the first-time experience of having questions from multiple subjects on one exam.  For example, you can have a biochemistry question followed by an immunology question, followed by optics, etc.   This can be stressful for some students!  This is why we created the KMK Evolve Practice® Test.  And not just one test, but six!

Each test is created in collaboration with recognized leaders in Optometry. View all contributors. 

Practice & Advance

A feature designed to simulate your Part 1 exam and advance your knowledge.

  • Level up through a series of 6 KMK Evolve Practice® tests designed with the exact number of questions and breakdown as the actual NBEO® exam. 
  • Exams are ranked on level of difficulty. Pass each exam with a 70% or higher and unlock the next level of exam.
  • Take each level of exam until you pass or unlock the next level.
  • After you pass, each exam can be taken 1 additional time to make sure you are rock solid in that area of difficulty. 
  • Gradually build your foundation and confidence in a test environment that mimics the actual exam.
  • Track your progress in each area using your personal KMK Performance Dashboard®.   
  • Now Featuring: Subject Performance Breakdown, Subject Drilldown & Save Question 

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