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Can I buy the book separately from the course?

All the component of the KMK review course are designed to be used together and are interdependent. Because the books are not designed to be used alone without the integrated KMK online resources, we don’t have an option to purchase the text without the course. The only exception to this occurs when a student has previously purchased the course and needs to update his/her KMK text to the newest edition. Please contact KMK Customer Support for these requests.

I placed my order. When will my book arrive?

Once your order is complete, it will go to our shipper the following day. Processing usually takes 1-2 days and then your package is on its way to you. Shipping times vary with locations, but books usually arrive in 2-4 day after they ship. For most ground shipments, please allow a total of 5-7 business days. If your book has not arrived in 10 days, please contact KMK for help.

I didn’t get a tracking number. Where is my KMK package?

KMK ships via UPS and each order generates a tracking number. When your package ships, you will receive an email from UPS with a tracking number and information on when to expect your package. We have found that in some cases, these emails can be gobbled up by spam filters. Please check your spam folder for your UPS email and tracking number. If you are unable to locate it, please contact Customer Service.

Is it safe to make a credit card purchase on the KMK website?

We understand and respect your security concen here at KMK. We utilize well-accepted and standard measures to ensure the security of your oder. All checkout transactions are processed on by a nationally-recognized hosting company and no credit card information is ever stored in our databases.

How long is the review text that accompanies the courses?

We have attempted to condense a tremendous amount of information into our review texts and the result is a lengthy but concise text ideal for self-study. The Part 1 KMK text is a two-volume book that is typically 1,000-1,200 pages in total. The Part 2 KMK text is one volumne text of approximately 500-600 pages. In both Part 1 and Parg 2 texts, we have highlighted the material we beleive to be critical for board exam success. Don’t be intimidated by the length! We will walk you through the most relevant portions of the book and help you approach what is a monumental learning task in a focused, organized and manageable way.

Can I watch the videos and use the features of the KMK website from my phone or iPad?

The new KMK website has been designed for use on a variety of devices including iPads. However, KMK will be announcing the release of a new mobile app for Apple and Android in late 2017. If you have purchased a course with KMK the app is automatically included. We do recommend waiting to use mobile devices for review until the new KMK app has been release. The current site is not optimized for mobile learning.

My order won’t go through. What is the problem?

The most common reason that orders fail is a mismatch between the billing address used on the order and the billing address on file with your bank or credit card company. This is called an AVS mismatch and is a security measure to prevent fradulent transactions. Please check with your bank to make sure the addresses match and then proceed with your order. If the problem persists, please check with KMK Customer Service.