KMK Precise Practice®

Level up your knowledge in the areas that matter the most!

KMK Precise Practice® Test

What if you identify a weak subject and want practice tests only for that subject? 

Meet KMK Precise Practice® Tests.  These assessments are created for every section on the matrix and are designed to help you dominate specific subjects on the exam (e.g. pharmacology, biochemistry, optics).  Each subject area has three levels of questions – easy, moderate, hard.  

Each test is created in collaboration with recognized leaders in Optometry. View all contributors. 

Get Focused

A feature built for you to dominate specific areas on the exam. 

  • Assessments created  for specific subjects on the exam, and ranked on level of difficulty. 
  • Each subject contains three levels of difficulty so you can better assess your areas of strength and weakness. 
  • Hit 10 questions correct in any subject and unlock the next level of difficulty. Repeat each level 3x to maximize your repetition.   
  • Track your progress in each area using your personal KMK Performance Dashboard®.  Now: Save questions for later review. 

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