The Team

KMK has a team of over 25 professionals dedicated to Optometry student success.


KMK Instructors love helping students. We have been in your shoes and we want to make this process easier for you. For the past 5 years, our students have ranked the live lectures as the highest rated portion of the course each year.

The KMK Team is full of experts in board review; many of our instructors have taught 75+ courses and have traveled to schools and universities all across the United States and Canada. This unique group of highly specialized, practicing educators all have a passion for helping students. If you see a KMK team member on your campus, say hi!

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The KMK founders are overwhelmed with appreciation for the trust Optometry students put in our company. We know this exam is very important in the lives of our students and we are obsessed with providing a resource that not only helps our students pass boards, but reduces stress and simplifies their life. We wake up everyday so appreciative of our students and the opportunity they provide us to do what we love most!

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Content // Editorial

We understand that the accuracy and integrity of our content is everything to our students. KMK’s Content and Editorial teams were created carefully, with an emphasis on bringing the very best in Optometry together for the students benefit. Their careful research and rigorous approach to education is what allows students to study with confidence, knowing that the content is up to date, accurate, and carefully researched based on the NBEO® matrix.

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Support // Media

The KMK support team is dedicated to student success. Each team member is excited to help and eager to answer your questions and resolve any issues. The media team continually innovates all of the team resources through video work, design, systems, and infrastructure, all with the purpose of helping Optometry students have the best review experience possible.

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The select group of industry leading professionals have helped KMK create some of the most dynamic preparation resources for board review. Each contributor graciously accepted an invitation from KMK to collaborate on Optometry student review materials.

KMK’s collaboration with these expert ODs has helped Optometry students elevate their review in preparation for being a great OD!

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