We love hearing from optometry students! We thought you might like to see what other students have to say about KMK.

KMK Signature Coaching

Game Changer

The signature course webinars helped me not only to better understand the material, but to really solidify my knowledge. Now out on my 4th year rotations I truly feel like I have a deeper knowledge base than my classmates who chose not to purchase signature. IT WAS A GAME CHANGER AND WORTH EVERY PENNY!!

Danielle Ringle @ Western University of Optometry

KMK Plus

Program Is A ‘Must’

I purchased KMK’s plus package. The live lectures bring the manuals to life and are a must to attend. The knowledge gained through diligent study and application allowed me to not only dominant boards but has allowed me to excel in clinic. Their program is a must.

Brett Christensen @ Midwestern University Arizona

KMK Signature Coaching

A Great Foundation

KMK’s Signature Course has forever changed how I view optometry and patient care. I am both a visual and kinesthetic learner that needs constant repetition to dominate key concepts, and the KMK team really helped me piece everything together through their simple diagrams, forum, and active webinars. Signature gave me incredible structure, support, and a great foundation for not only Part I, but the rest of my career!

Julie Chao @ Western University of Optometry

KMK Signature Coaching

You Will Not Regret It

Not only did KMK Signature help me absolutely destroy boards it also helped me build a foundation of knowledge that allows me to think like a doctor while on my clinical rotations rather than just a tech gathering data to bring back to my preceptors. I love having the confidence to be able to explain my patient care decisions with well thought out reasoning. If you have any thought about doing Signature don’t think about it just do it, you will not regret it, especially when you see that P!

Katalina Yandell @ Western University of Optometry

KMK Signature Coaching


The KMK Signature Review Course was exactly the structure, composure, and inspiration that I needed to prepare for the NBEO part 1 exam. Kyle and the entire KMK team took concepts from all the NBEO (major and minor) sections and stretched them so that we really understood them both forwards and backwards. The live sessions with Kyle is where I benefited the most as Kyle really pushed our knowledge, quizzed us with multiple choice questions, where we worked through concepts together, drew out mechanisms, and encouraged one another to DOMINATE the exam.

Mallory Andrews @ Massachusetts College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences


Boosted Confidence

I took the KMK course for Part 1 Boards.  I was so thankful for the organization of the materials both online and in the books.  I think the online practice questions boosted my confidence and prepared me for test day the most!

Alyssa Drew @ MCO