The Power of One Final Review, On-Demand. 


The Part 2 Crash Course® videos present rapid fire cases with images to teach students how to attack different types of questions in the most critical sections on boards.

Photos In Focus

Imagery Integrated

It is no secret the Part 2 exam is heavy on images, and the KMK Crash Course® Part 2 delivers in a big way. 

The course is packed with over 166 integrated images that correlate with condition examples and questions. 

Watch cases fill the video screen and then drive home the questions in a seamless, on-demand video course. 

The Finale Is Here

Made With The End Goal In Mind.

It is one thing to know the material inside and out, but the exam can bring a whole new level of intricacy. 

The KMK Crash Course [Part 2] gets you through all the material on last time before boards. It helps you crush the key concepts and allows you to focus on key areas all while applying your knowledge in a unique, on-demand, coachable format. 

Designed to implement into your study plan 2- 4 weeks prior to exam, the KMK Crash Course [Part 2] is an awesome upgrade to make sure you are Part 2 "Exam-Ready".

10+ Hours of On-Demand Video

630+ New Integrated Questions 

115+ New Integrated Cases

20+ Page Downloadable Supplement PDF

Modern Innovation

Download + Play

The KMK Crash Course® Part 2 supplement textbook ushers in a new era of KMK Optometry on-demand course material with downloadable textbooks. 

Grab a set of video materials that outline conditions explained in the videos to help prevent the need for forwarding, rewinding and more. 

See the condition up-next or all the conditions covered in a video.

The KMK Crash Course® series has been the number 1 add on item for student review. Stack the KMK Crash Course® Part 2 to your review resources list for one final review.

Some students spend hours and hours studying for Part 2 using as many resources as they can find. They understand the material and they look at as many pictures of eye conditions as possible, but they are easily tricked when the material and images are presented in a more difficult case format.

Add To The Stack.

Explore P2CC.

The Part 2 Crash Course® was created to help students learn how to quickly hone in on the most important points within a case and the key findings on images for the most common ocular conditions. Understanding which facts and findings are most important helps students confidently tackle the more difficult diagnostic and treatment questions.

Simply going through a series of cases one by one doesn’t guarantee a passing score on the Part 2 exam. To develop the Part 2 Crash Course®, we went through every single page of the KMK Part 2 textbook to select the most clinically relevant conditions within ocular disease and the most critical concepts within optics, and we wrote brand new cases with all new questions to highlight the most high-yield material. The Part 2 Crash Course® includes 630+ new questions from the most critical areas on the Part 2 NBEO® exam matrix. We also understand how intimidating TMOD questions can be for many students.



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KMK Crash Course® Part 2 Images 

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Courses With a Powerful Purpose.

Each KMK review course is created with a purpose, to help Optometry students in any way we can. Students tell us every year how tired they are of studying and how anxious they are in the last few weeks leading up to boards. We remember what it was like to be in your shoes and we want to do everything we can to help reduce your stress and boost your confidence as you walk into the exam. 

By drilling down the most important ocular disease conditions and optics concepts with concise cases and images, we can cover everything one more time with unique questions that show how you could be asked about a concept on the exam. 

Your Future Is Bright.

KMK is dedicated to the success of our future colleagues around the world. 

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