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Every image all in one location. That is the power of KMK’s Image Gallery® powered by Instagram®. Weekly updated images curated by KMK’s Chief Medical Editor, Dr. Kendra Dalton. 

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Access Steps 

You already have KMK’s Part 2 resources, great choice! Step 1 is done!


Now it is time to get social. Go follow @KMKImageGallery and request permissions. Access is usually verified within 24 - 72 hours. 


Review some images from KMK’s Image Gallery. Like a few of the images and they will start appearing more in your Instagram® feed.


Come back and visit as much as you would like to stay up-to-date with all the new images being added weekly. 


Share images you find interesting with your friends by using the share link to send a DM. Please don’t repost or reuse these images. 


◉  Requires Active KMK Part 2 Plan

More Images Than Ever Before

KMK’s Image Gallery® is now a fast growing social resource. Now featuring a compilation of images to help keep students up-to-date and provide even more image resources than ever before. Images are submitted from a variety of selected practices and OD’s from around the United States. 

Sharing and Re-Use

KMK’s Image Gallery contains copyright material that cannot be duplicated or republished without prior authorization from KMK Educational Services LLC. Direct messaging is acceptable. 

The Power Of Social

Optometry students need an updated gallery of images to stay current with ocular disease while leveraging the power of social media.  KMK’s Image Gallery is now powered by Instagram® to provide our students with an even more up-to-date resource library of images.

Terms & Conditions

All optometry students are provided access to KMK’s Image Gallery®. Any user posting derogatory comments, imagery profanity, or anyone violating our Academic Integrity policy will be removed and banned from the KMKGallery account.

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