Tech & Account Issues

Account Help & Technical Issues

Sometimes technology can do funny things. We are here to help. Please take a look at the answers to the most common questions below. Please contact us if you have any additional questions. 

Account & Tech Help.

First, check to make sure that you are using the email address associated with your KMK account.  If that is correct, try resetting your password from the profile section of your KMK account.  Need more help?  Email us at

KMK does not offer the ability for its users to download videos due to copyright concerns.  Attempting to do so is in violation of KMK Terms and Conditions and puts the user in jeopardy of account termination and legal action.

Yes, you may take each level of Precise Practice questions 3 times.  Start on level 1. You must log 10 correct answers to unlock the next level. You can advance to the next level, or continue with your current level. (The system will notify you when you have unlocked the next level and will also let you know when you have “run out of questions”). You can retake any level of questions up to 3 times by just clicking on the level. 

Flashcards are organized into subject areas based on the NBEO matrix.  Within each subject area, the flashcards are organized into groups that correspond with specific video units and sections of the textbook.  In the most recent 12th edition of the KMK Part 1 textbook, you’ll find information boxes within each chapter that tell you when to complete a specific group of flashcards, including advanced flashcards for each subject area.  Our Part 2 flashcards are organized into subject areas based on the NBEO matrix. 

They are best used at the conclusion of each chapter that covers a specific subject area on the NBEO matrix.  You can save flashcards you want to come back to by clicking on the star in the upper right corner.  Some flashcards have an “i” in the lower right corner that offers more information or explanation on that topic.  You are free to review the flashcards as many times as you wish. 

The KMK website seems to be running slow on my computer.  How can I speed this up?

It can be difficult to figure out why someone experiences slow internet on their local connection.  Here are some tips that have helped students in the past.

1. Close all windows and tabs with the exception of your browser and KMK account.  Unnecessary windows/tabs can create a drag on your connection which could result in slow internet.

2. Are you using your phone as a Hotspot?  If so, the “Do Not Disturb” should be selected so that the connection is not interrupted when texts or phone calls come in.

3. Be aware that internet connections can be slower, resulting in slower download times during busy times of day or in locations where multiple users are accessing at the same time, such as coffee houses.

4. One easy way to check if the issue is a KMK issue or a local internet connection is to try accessing your video on your phone using cell service.

We are happy to help you with a reset of your KMK account.  It is important to note that a reset wipes your account of all existing progress and we are unable to select individual sections for reset.  This means that a reset will return your account to 0% complete.  This includes video progress, exam results and saved elements. If you would like to continue with the reset, please email us the following statement.

“I understand and I want to continue with the reset which will wipe my account clean.”

Account Reset Terms & Conditions
Each KMK account is limited to 1 account reset per course, per testing calendar.  For example, a Part 1 user is permitted one account reset during the period of August 1st to April 1st OR May 1st to August 1st.   A Part 2 user is permitted one account reset during the period of May 1st to December 1st OR January 1st to April 1st.