What happens when you take the top Part 2 review course of Optometry students in the nation and re-imagine every aspect of the material. Say hello to the latest innovation from KMK, the new KMK part 2 course. The new KMK Part 2 course is designed directly from the Part 2 NBEO® matrix in order to help students succeed at each component of the Part 2 NBEO® exam.  We are excited to launch several new features that were created to help maximize study efficiency and help students dominate the most challenging sections of the Part 2 NBEO® exam.  

Following the tradition of our KMK Part 1 course, the KMK Part 2 course breaks down the Part 2 NBEO® matrix into the Big 8® and Non-Big 8® subjects in order to help students zero in on the most important concepts to successfully pass the Part 2 NBEO® exam.  Based on KMK’s research, we determined the KMK Big 8® subjects make up 73% of the Part 2 NBEO® exam, and the KMK Non-Big 8® subjects comprise 27% of the exam.  With this in mind, our new KMK Part 2 course includes an online Video Library that is organized based on the KMK Big 8® and KMK Non-Big® subjects to simplify the study process for our students.  The Part 2 Online Video Library contains 20+ hours of HD video featuring KMK instructors who walk students through the key concepts in each of the 75 cases within our newest and most advanced KMK Part 2, 7th edition textbook.  KMK instructors integrate images with case questions and provide Key Takeaways for the conditions reviewed in each case video to help students solidify their understanding of the key findings and treatment for 100+ disease and refractive conditions.  The online HD videos review 375+ questions and contain 300+ new images so students can feel confident formulating diagnoses from images integrated into cases.

According to the NBEO® website, the Part 2 NBEO® exam contains 45-55 full cases and 15-25 mini cases in 16 subject areas that make up the Part 2 NBEO® matrix.  Full cases include a case history, clinical data, and at least one image (e.g., color fundus photographs, visual field results, OCT printouts, contact lens fluorescein patterns, etc.).  Mini cases are an abbreviated version of full cases.  We understand that students love to practice applying their knowledge by working through as many questions as possible.  With this in mind, KMK has collaborated with expert clinicians and educators within optometry to develop peer-reviewed Full Case and Mini Case exams, similar in format to the sample Full and Mini cases on the NBEO® website, to help students test their knowledge in the 16 areas of the Part 2 NBEO® matrix and feel confident working through Full and Mini cases on the Part 2 NBEO® exam.  The Full Cases within the KMK Part 2 course are divided into 3 levels that increase in difficulty and contain 200+ questions and 60+ images.  The Mini Cases are also divided into 3 groups and include 30+ questions within the KMK Big 8® and Non-Big 8® sections.

Approximately 100-120 questions within the Part 2 NBEO® exam are classified as TMOD® questions (Treatment and Management of Ocular Disease).  TMOD® questions are scored separately from the overall Part 2 NBEO® exam, so it is crucial for students to dominate these questions in order to successfully pass Part 2 AND the TMOD® exam.  To help students gain confidence and practice working through TMOD® items, the new KMK Part 2 course includes a separate TMOD® section that emphasizes diagnosis and treatment of ocular disease.  The TMOD® section contains 2.5+ hours of online HD pharmacology videos from the KMK Part 1 course that provide concise reviews of the key drugs in ocular and general pharmacology.  The TMOD® section also includes a custom pharmacology exam specific for TMOD® review, written by Dr. Jimmy Bartlett, author of Clinical Ocular Pharmacology.  KMK is very excited to introduce peer-reviewed TMOD® Cases within the TMOD® section of the Part 2 course.  These cases were developed by experts within the field of optometry and contain 60+ TMOD items and 20+ integrated case images so students can practice and dominate the TMOD® exam.  

In the spirit of the KMK Part 1 course, the new KMK Part 2 course includes 1,000+ flashcards that review the “can’t miss” concepts from the 16 subject areas of the Part 2 NBEO® matrix.  KMK Part 1 Flashcards that review foundational, clinically applicable concepts in ocular anatomy, ocular physiology, and pharmacology have also been carried over to the KMK Part 2 course to help students dominate Part 2 questions classified as Clinical Correlation to Basic Science Principles by the NBEO®.  The KMK Part 2 course also includes 1,300+ Precise Practice® questions designed to help students solidify Part 1 concepts that are the building blocks of the foundation for the Part 2 concepts of diagnosis and management of disease and refractive/oculomotor conditions.

The KMK Student Performance Dashboard is another exciting addition to the KMK Part 2 Course!  Students can see their results on the Full Case exams, Mini Case exams, TMOD Case exams, Bartlett/Pharmacology exam, and Precise Practice® questions.  The Dashboard contains a link to the KMK Part 2 Image Gallery, powered by Instagram®, which gives students access to hundreds of images.  New images are added weekly to build students’ confidence in interpreting and diagnosing conditions from images, which is strongly emphasized on the Part 2 NBEO® exam.  The Dashboard also contains links to Advanced Testing review guides, which break down the steps in analyzing visual fields, macular OCT scans, RNFL OCT scans, corneal topography, and laboratory testing.  KMK’s 5 steps for Part 2 NBEO® domination, which provide a roadmap for studying for Part 2 using all the new features in the new KMK Part 2 course, are also available through the KMK Student Performance Dashboard.

We are so excited for students to dive into the new KMK Part 2 course, and we are confident that all of the new features will maximize students’ study efficiency and provide students with practice and repetition with cases, images, and TMOD® items so they can dominate the Part 2 NBEO® and TMOD® exams! 

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A patient wears SRx +1.00 DS -2.00 DC x 180 with a +3.00 D round 28 bifocal segment. If the top of the segment is 5 mm below the distance optical center, and the patient reads 5 mm below the top of the segment, calculate the image displacement due to the distance prescription.

All of the following oral antibiotics may exacerbate the effects of warfarin EXCEPT:

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