Tested & Proven 3 Phase Optometry Boards Review Process

Tested & Proven 3 Phase Optometry Boards Review Process

Summer has finally ended and you’re back in the grind of optometry classes, labs, and seeing patients in clinic.  Although the Part 1 NBEO® exam is several months away in March, the time to start preparing is now!  Each year, we see a trend of successful students...

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😊 Time to #dominate 😊 #optometrystudentsrock #repost -“Oh hello NBEO Part I! I knew we’d soon meet. Third year comes quicker than optometry students think. Our plates are full, but without you our hearts aren’t complete📚#optometry #boardsprep #optometrystudent “ #kmkoptometry

🏆 🎉 🎈 😊 Congratulations to @RyanFenska for being named the 2018 - 2019 #kmkoptometry Instructor of The Year & @ocularprime 2017 - 2018 KMK Instructor of The Year. Thank you for all you do to help #optometrystudents 😊 Other Award Winners Announced on KMK Optometry Instagram.

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