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Signature simplifies the busy lives of Optometry Students. Each day is planned out for you. Simple. Comprehensive. Proven.

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Proven to increase board scores by an industry astounding 11.8% (± 1.2%)

The fastest growing Optometry student board review course gives you access to 3x the amount of review video and provides you with a state-of-the-art 3x repetition study plan.  Signature includes every review tool developed by KMK, including the KMK Booster® Course Series, KMK Crash Course® Part 1 & Part 2, KMK Live Streamcast® review nationwide broadcast sessions, & 1,000 exclusive new test questions.  Learn More >

Every Resource Ever Developed for Board Review

KMK Signature® packs all the KMK review tools into one  course. Each element has been meticulously designed to help you get the most out of your review.

  • KMK Signature Course® - Access to the most advanced review course and study plan ever developed by KMK. This includes the standard KMK Part 1 Course.
  • KMK Booster Course® Series - 15 hours of advanced video content covering three of the most challenging subjects on the NBEO® exam:  Optics, Pharmacology, & Anatomy. Learn More > 
  • KMK Streamcast® Sessions - 1hr live nationwide broadcast weekly review study sessions with Dr. Kyle Cheatham and students in February/March leading up to the exam.  Includes topics like "The Top 20 Pharm Drugs for Boards." Learn more >
  • KMK Crash Course® Part 1 - On-demand video course, fully online.  One final review of all subjects on boards. Includes 750+ new questions focused on the most critical topics.  18 hours in length, fast-paced, designed to insure you are "exam-ready." Learn More >
  • Part 2 Course - Extended Access to the new KMK Part 2 online course. Access to KMK Image Gallery powered by Instagram®.
  • Part 2 KMK Crash Course® - 10 hour video course designed for fast-paced review and repetition one final time prior to test day. 

3x The Review

Signature simplifies through a daily plan that guides you through all boards content 3x.  

  • Phase 1 - Structured Study Plan - Don't stress about boards.  Signature simplifies your life by showing exactly what to do each day. The plan starts on October 1st & guides you through the material 3x prior to boards.
  • Phase 2 - KMK Booster® Courses - Online course focused on the three subjects statistically found by KMK to be problem areas when students fail boards:  Optics, Pharmacology, & Ocular Anatomy.  On-demand video course, fully online, 15 hours total.  See Course Details >
  • Phase 3 - KMK Crash Course® Part 1 - On-demand video course, fully online.  One final review of all subjects on boards. Includes 750+ new questions focused on the most critical topics. 18 hours in length, fast-paced, designed to ensure you are "exam-ready." View Details > 

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Trusted Leader

For over 14 years, KMK has been the #1 choice for optometry board review in the United States. For the last six years, over 97% of Optometry students nationwide trusted KMK for review!

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Organization Made Easy

The NBEO® matrix can be overwhelming with over 1,200 items for review.  Our online system guides you through a proven study plan, with step by step goals, to keep you focused and motivated. 

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Proven Process

Study with confidence knowing 18,000+ students have used KMK to pass their test!   We are so confident KMK can help you dominate your exam we offer our Student Success Commitment.

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KMK Evolve Practice Tests®

KMK’s practice tests now include the most questions in the industry.  Each Evolve Practice® Test contains the exact number of questions and breakdown as the actual NBEO® exam. Learn more!

KMK Releases 4,000+ Questions

More is usually better. In the case of exam preparation questions, its great! KMK strives to continually provide Optometry students with the best resources and material for their board review. KMK now has 4,000+ test questions available for Part 1 review!  We are hearing awesome feedback across the country about this new addition.  These questions… Read More »

Modern Review Designed For Today’s Busy Optometry Student

We can’t wait to help you dominate your boards!  Over the past 14 years, we have had the privilege of helping over 17,000 Optometry students crush their review.   We love what we do and consider it a huge privilege to help students overcome the challenge and anxiety associated with boards.All of our review course options… Read More »

Introducing the New KMKGo. App

Introducing KMK Go, the #1 Optometry boards review app designed for today’s busy Optometry student.  The KMK Go app now includes access to the redesigned KMK Part 2 review course. Dominate your Part 1 and Part 2 NBEO® exams with one app, KMK Go!The new KMK Go app includes 20+ hours of NEW HD videos… Read More »