Optometry students are smart.  Since day one at KMK in 2004 we have operated with that mindset and each year you validate our perspective.  It is incredible to see how quickly and thoroughly students across the country dominate concepts when the material is presented clearly with technology that incorporates how you learn best.  We add one more element to help Optometry students, we call this the Crash Course. 

We know as the exam gets closer and closer, anxiety can start to become a factor. It becomes difficult for some students to know how to maximize their time. From this perspective and for reasons we outline below, we created the Crash Course.  We remember what it’s like to be in your shoes, late nights with Red Bull to help with survival:)  We are excited to help!   Here are the top 5 factors that led to the development of the Crash Course:

  1. Knowledge of material doesn’t always translate to scoring well on a standardized exam. Some students study like crazy and know the material, but get tricked easily with small modifications in how questions are written.   The Crash Course was created to teach students how to attack the EXAM.  The Crash Course is KMKs exam resource, with the entire emphasis on QUESTIONS and test taking strategies to break-down questions for every section on the outline. 
  2. The Crash Course was created specifically out of student feedback.  Last year, the Crash Course was Optometry student’s #1 add-on upgrade as they geared up for boards.  It is normal to feel overwhelmed the last month leading up to boards.  We are excited to introduce on all-new format with an emphasis entirely on the exam and questions, questions, questions.
  3. The ideal last month of preparation should be focused entirely on test questions. We know students love to do practice problems and mock exams and this last month is crunch time for that style of preparation.  Forget flashcards, videos, and reading the textbook.  Crunch-time needs to be all about gearing up for the actual exam.  
  4. Not all test questions are created equal.  Simply going through questions, one after another, doesn’t guarantee success.  For the Crash Course we went through every page of the KMK textbooks, page by page, and selected the most critical concepts on each page and wrote brand new questions to highlight the most high-yield material.  The Crash Course includes 750+ new questions from every section on the outline.
  5. We know you are tired and stressed. Students tell us that they are tired of studying and anxious in the weeks leading up to boards.  We remember what it was like to be in your shoes and we are excited to help! There are so many sections and so much material to cover.  By drilling down all of the key concepts into concise question/answer videos, we can cover everything one last time with an approach entirely focused on the way questions could be presented on the exam. 

“The new Crash Course is my favorite project I have ever been involved in with KMK,” said KMK Co-Founder & CEO, Dr. Kyle Cheatham. 

We know you are busy.  The Crash Course was designed to save you time, by bringing the most critical concepts to light, in rapid fire question/answer format for last minute review.  We are hearing from lots of students with questions on the Crash Course.  How many hours of video?  How many new questions?   How much time do I need to review the videos?  Does it come with a textbook?  Here is the quick summary:

  1. How many hours of video and how new questions?  17+ hours of HD Video with 750+ new questions.  
  2. Are the new videos different than the current videos?  100% different. The Crash Course videos are rapid fire question/answer  videos created to teach students how to attack the EXAM, with emphasis on QUESTIONS and test taking strategies to break-down questions for every section on the exam. 
  3. When can I view it?  Immediately.  Just load your upgrade and watch On-Demand.
  4. When do I start?  Whenever you want.  If you start on March 12th, you can watch 3.5 hours of video per day and be set prior to boards.
  5. Do I need a new textbook shipped to me?  No.  KMK ships you a cool Crash Course notebook as a gift, but there is no content inside the notebook that is needed to view the videos.

Learn more about the KMK Part 1 Crash Course.

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A patient wears SRx +1.00 DS -2.00 DC x 180 with a +3.00 D round 28 bifocal segment. If the top of the segment is 5 mm below the distance optical center, and the patient reads 5 mm below the top of the segment, calculate the image displacement due to the distance prescription.

All of the following oral antibiotics may exacerbate the effects of warfarin EXCEPT:

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