Congratulations to Dr. Maria Pribis on being named the 2018 KMK Instructor of the Year!   Dr. Pribis is well known for her engaging lecture style and ability to simplify complex topics for students.  She is full of passion and energy and has a gift for empowering and bringing out the best in her students.

At each course across the country, Optometry students fill out a survey to evaluate KMK instructors, and these evaluations serve as the foundation for this award.  This represents a huge accomplishment for Dr. Pribis because the award is entirely objective and reflects student feedback from schools and universities of optometry throughout the United States.  

Maria graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Pittsburgh with a BS in Psychology. She graduated with high honors from Pennsylvania College of Optometry at Salus University. While in optometry school she was president of SOSH and a member of the Beta Sigma Kappa International Optometric Honor Society. She completed an ocular disease residency at the Baltimore VA hospital. During this time, she rotated through Johns Hopkins cornea and specialty contact lens clinics. Additionally, Maria was named Connecticut’s young optometrist of the year in early 2015. She is the founder of, a website focused on patient education and is currently in private practice in Stamford, CT where she specializes in ocular surface disease and contact lenses. 

“Maria energizes everyone that she is around.  She is obsessed with excellence and becoming better in every area of her life each year.  Her passion, continuous drive for excellence, and humility are the core values we cherish at KMK.  It brings me a ton of joy to see students across the country recognize her talent with this honor!”    

– Co-Founder & CEO, Dr. Kyle Cheatham, FAAO, DIP ABO

Dr. Pribis is among the featured presenters in KMK’s revamped Part 2 course. Additionally, she is the founder of Ocular Prime®, a social driven platform of education and awareness for ODs across the world.  Dr. Pribis and her husband, Tom, have an adorable daughter, Natalie.  We are excited to congratulate and extend gratitude to Dr. Pribis for this outstanding accomplishment!

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A patient wears SRx +1.00 DS -2.00 DC x 180 with a +3.00 D round 28 bifocal segment. If the top of the segment is 5 mm below the distance optical center, and the patient reads 5 mm below the top of the segment, calculate the image displacement due to the distance prescription.

All of the following oral antibiotics may exacerbate the effects of warfarin EXCEPT:

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