We are so excited to introduce the new 12th edition of the KMK Part 1 Applied Science Review Guide!  Led by KMK’s Chief Medical Editor, Dr. Kendra Null, this textbook is unlike any other KMK textbook that has been released in the past.  The 12th edition of the KMK Part 1 textbook has been completely redesigned in order to integrate the textbook with the materials in the KMK Part 1 online course so students can study more efficiently and with less stress!  Jump in and see the difference a new edition can make!

Many students often feel overwhelmed when they first log in to the KMK online course.  There are so many different components to the course – how do you know where to start?  How can you get through the material in the most efficient way possible so you can maximize your use of all of the KMK resources?  How do you know when to use each component of the course to boost your foundation and stretch your knowledge?  The new design of the KMK Part 1 textbook helps you answer all these questions!

Making History

For the first time in KMK’s history, the KMK Part 1 textbook is organized into Big 8 subjects (Volume 1) and Non-Big 8 subjects (Volume 2) to match the organization of the subjects within the KMK online course.  You no longer need to flip back and forth between Volume 1 and Volume 2 as you follow along with the videos – just start at Page 1 in the new 12th edition textbook and the book will take you straight through the subjects in the same order as they are presented in the KMK online course!  

Many students find it easier to formulate a study plan for Part 1 if they know exactly how many pages they need to read as they watch a particular video on the KMK website.  This information was difficult to figure out with the previous KMK textbooks because there were no indications in the book as to which pages corresponded to which videos.  The new KMK Part 1, 12th edition textbook solves this issue by presenting checkpoint boxes within each chapter.  These checkpoint boxes tell you which pages to read as you watch a particular KMK video.  There is no longer any guesswork.  The new textbook provides you with a study roadmap as you move through the course.  Now you can just log in to the KMK website, open your textbook to the first chapter, and push play on the first video, and the textbook will guide you through each video and reading section!

Advanced Organization

We’ve received many emails in the past from students taking the KMK Part 1 course who have wondered when they should be going through the basic and advanced flashcards.  Should you go through them after you watch a video?  After you read the textbook?  At the very end of the course as a review?  Once again, the 12th edition of the KMK Part 1 textbook has taken away the guesswork.  Remember those checkpoint boxes in each chapter that tell you which pages to read for each video?  The checkpoint boxes also tell you when to go through a particular set of flashcards!  Instead of having a single group of flashcards for each chapter, the flashcards in each subject area have been broken down into smaller groups that correspond with a certain set of videos.  Now you can more easily review concepts you’ve just learned about in the videos and the textbook by going through a particular group of flashcards.

Remember, the checkpoint boxes will tell you exactly when to go through a set of flashcards to help solidify your knowledge as you go through the course material.  What about the advanced flashcards?  For most Big 8 subjects, you’ll notice the final checkpoint box at the end of each chapter directs you to the advanced flashcards for that particular chapter.  Now that you’ve gone through the videos, the textbook chapter, and the basic flashcards, you can stretch your knowledge in a particular subject area by working your way through the advanced flashcards!

The Next Level

As with all previous KMK editions, the 12th edition KMK Part 1 textbook also includes the most up-to-date clinical information, as well as corrections regarding concepts.

The KMK Part 1, 12th edition textbook is a game-changer.  There has never been a more streamlined KMK textbook that is fully integrated with the KMK online course and provides a roadmap for your board studies.  We hope the 12th edition Part 1 textbook will ease your anxiety and your stress as you prepare for boards by making the study process simpler and more efficient.  

The new KMK Part 1, 12th edition textbook is included with the Part 1 Core course, the KMK Plus package, and the KMK Signature course.

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