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Get The Strategy For Part 3

The all-new KMK Optometry Part 3 strategy course is designed to help students focus on the areas that matter most. Learn the skills behind each door and have a strategy every step of the way. 

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Part 3 Strategy Course

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This is a self-start program with 30 days of access. You can start this course whenever you are ready to begin.

On-Demand Video Library

Optometry students love on-demand courses. But we did it even better! We made it rapid-fire so you only spend time focused on the things that matter the most. Just click play. No books, no shipping. Instant access and digital downloads.

Strategy Guide

Scripts are great, but can be hard to follow if you get off track or forget the next step. Having a strategy and understanding each station and the “skills” that matter most is HUGE in passing this exam.

The P3 Flight Pack

This is a series of digital downloads that are designed to help you with the logistics and prep the night before the exam. Concise and ready to go when you are ready to dominate the exam!

P3 Pro Practice

Practice like a pro with cadences and coaching points from KMK on how to best perform each “skill” to maximize your points earned and #Dominate Part 3.

P3 Coaching Cards

Think flashcards but even more direct and to the point. For faster review load up the all-new KMK Coaching cards to drill through material fast and efficient.

Max Protection

If you are unsuccessful on boards, you can restart your KMK Optometry™ Part 3 access no questions asked, no fees required.

Unlimited Retake Attempts Until Graduation