Questions For Ordering & Shipping

Ordering & Shipping

This area can help provide answers to the most commonly asked questions regarding ordering and shipments. If you are unable to find your answer here, please contact us.

Ordering & Shipping

The most common reason that an order is declined is due to an AVS mismatch.  This occurs when the address on your order doesn’t match the address your credit card company has on file.  Typically this is easily solved by correcting your address with your credit card company and then placing your order again.  Need more help?  Email us at

KMK designed the CEO-ECO Addendum specifically for students taking Canadian board exams.  An addendum will be included with your KMK order of Signature, Plus or Part 2.  Please note that this publication is not appropriate for students taking US boards. 

Once an order is complete, it is processed and sent to the shipper the following day.  It is then packaged and shipped in 24-48 hours from Lexington, Kentucky.  Transit times depend on the distance from Lexington, but most packages are delivered within 5-7 business days from order date. 

Please note that packages are shipped UPS ground and do not move on weekends or holidays.  UPS will send you a tracking number when your package ships with detailed information on delivery.

The vast majority of students order KMK packages, so Part 2 is not an option on our website.  However, we are happy to send you a personal invoice to purchase.  Please email us your request for an invoice.  The invoice will be sent right to your inbox.   

KMK offers international shipping only to Canada. 

My KMK textbook is an old edition and I would like to upgrade to the new edition.  How do I do that?

To purchase the newest edition of a KMK textbook, email KMK Support with your request at  Your request will be processed and you will then be sent a link to purchase.  Once your purchase is verified, your order will go to our shipper for processing and shipment. 

I didn’t get a tracking number!  What’s up with that?

When a KMK package is processed by our shipping service, an email with tracking information is automatically generated and sent to the email listed on the account.  However, we have found that these emails sometimes get gobbled up by spam/security features.  School email addresses are especially vulnerable.  If you did not receive tracking information, please contact us for help at

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