You’re a busy optometry student who is starting to think about the Part 1 NBEO® exam.  You’ve heard about the KMK Optometry  Signature® course, but you aren’t sure if it’s the right course for you.  You may be wondering how is the KMK Signature course designed?  How will it make a difference in your preparation for Part 1 compared to the other KMK Optometry courses?  Why should you choose the KMK Optometry Signature® course?  We’re here to answer all your questions about Signature so you can feel confident that you’ve chosen the right study path for you!

Why was Signature Created?  

The KMK Optometry Signature® course is based on 14 years of research and feedback from over 18,000 optometry students who have used KMK to help pass the Part 1 NBEO® exam.  It was created to help any student who is stressing out about taking the Part 1 NBEO® exam, including students who have struggled to pass the test in the past and students who are at the top of their class.  Our team has organized information and created a study plan to help you best prepare for the exam while still maintaining your busy schedule as an optometry student.  With the 3 phase Signature study plan, you know what you need to do every day to study for boards.  You don’t need to worry about organizing the information and making a study schedule – we have you covered!  Now all you need to do is focus on building you foundation and stretching your knowledge so you can dominate the Part 1 exam.  You can complete the daily study assignment and then move on with your life without worrying about whether you covered the right material at the right time.  The KMK Signature course 3 phase plan reduces your stress and provides you with freedom and clarity – freedom to work within your schedule because you have a clear study plan backed by over a decade of KMK research!  

I heard Signature takes you through all of the KMK material 3x before boards.  How does this work?  

The program provides a daily schedule that starts on October 1st and guides you automatically through all content 3x by the March exam.

The first phase of signature is focused on building your FOUNDATION of knowledge – it’s all about making sure that you understand the basic facts in key subject areas covered on boards.  We’ll guide you through the online HD videos and the KMK Part 1 review textbook to help you focus on the most clinically relevant and applicable points of knowledge in all areas covered by the Part 1 NBEO® matrix.  Phase 1 also includes pre-recorded Signature Video On-Demand (VOD).  The Signature VODs are 40-50 minutes sessions that include the best information and video lectures over 3 years of the Signature course.  Watching the Signature VODs in addition to the KMK Part 1 online HD videos and reading the KMK Part 1 review textbook will help you solidify the basic knowledge you have worked hard to learn during optometry school.

So Signature has 3 phases for 3x repetition.  Got it.  Can you tell me about Phase 2?

Phase 2 of the KMK Optometry Signature course is all about STRETCH – now it’s time to connect and integrate concepts you have learned across multiple subject areas.  We know that what you learn in ocular anatomy ties into ocular physiology, and both ocular anatomy and ocular physiology help us understand ocular disease.  The components of the Signature course introduced in Phase 2 help you weave all the key facts together to form a big picture that you can apply to your patients in clinic!  Phase 2 includes weekly 1 hour live nationwide broadcast KMK Optometry Streamcast® sessions, led by KMK co-Founder & CEO, Dr. Kyle Cheatham.  KMK Streamcast® sessions include polling questions that test your knowledge on the spot.  You can also chat with your fellow optometry students nationwide to help boost your learning and to provide support to each other – you are not alone when studying for Part 1!  The KMK Optometry Booster Course® series is also integrated into your daily study plan during Phase 2 of the Signature course.  

The KMK Optometry Booster Course® series contains 15 hours of advanced video content that focuses on the 3 key areas students struggle the most with on boards – anatomy/disease, optics, and pharmacology.  In addition to online videos, the KMK Booster Course® series includes the KMK Booster Course® textbook, newly released in 2018.  Illustrated by KMK’s Graphics Editor Dr. Nicole Theiss, and curated by KMK Optometry Chief Medical Editor, Dr. Kendra Null, the Booster Course® textbook takes a visual approach to breaking down the most difficult subjects on boards.  You no longer need to worry about whether you should purchase the KMK Booster Course® series or when you should take the course – we have fully integrated the Booster Course® into your Signature study plan so you can relax and spend your time focusing on advancing your knowledge!

I am good at learning concepts but sometimes I struggle when it comes to applying the material on an exam.  Does Signature help students who struggle on standardized exams?

You bet.  This was why Signature was created.  The 3 rounds of repetition has improved scores by an average of 12.8%!

Phase 3 is the critical phase that makes the most difference for students who struggle with standardized exams.  Phase 3 of the Signature course gets you EXAM READY – now it’s time to make sure you are rock solid on your knowledge so you can dominate the Part 1 NBEO® exam!  

Boards are challenging because a single concept can be tested by asking many different types of questions, and the question subject areas are mixed together – you may have an anatomy question followed by geometrical optics followed by ocular embryology!  Many students are intimidated and concerned that they won’t be able to switch their focus between different subject areas or they won’t understand the main focus point of a question.  Phase 3 is all about helping you feel confident applying your knowledge to a question format.  KMK Streamcast® sessions include a greater quantity and more difficult polling questions to help you prepare for the exam.  Phase 3 also introduces the KMK Part 1 Crash Course®, an 18 hour on-demand video course that includes 750+ new questions on the most critical topics for the Part 1 NBEO® exam.  Questions are presented in a rapid-fire format to help prepare you for the presentation of questions on the Part 1 exam.  You’ve put in the time and the hard work to advance your knowledge – now we’ll help you show off that knowledge by acing even the most difficult questions on the exam!

So now you know about the 3 phase Signature study plan.  It’s designed to provide freedom, clarity, and to reduce stress, and it’s backed by years of research.  But does it really work?  Does it really help you improve your board scores?  The answer is YES!  KMK’s Signature course has proven to increase board scores by 11.8%!  Now even more students have an opportunity to pass on their very first attempt at the Part 1 NBEO® exam!  

If you want the freedom of a proven daily study plan and you want to take away the stress of organizing information and figuring out how and when to take the KMK Booster Course® series and the KMK Part 1 Crash Course®, then the KMK Signature course is right for you!  Jump in and have fun as you develop your knowledge to dominate Part 1!    

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