The entire KMK Optometry team is pumped to welcome you to the new KMK Optometry website! The new site ushers in a variety of new features and content all designed to help Optometry students make a decision on board review course options that best fits their learning and lifestyle. The new website is faster, more modern, and more responsive, creating a better user experience for our students.

As the #1 trusted leader in board review since 2010, KMK Optometry has continually innovated and modernized Optometry student board review. KMK Optometry now offers more learning options than ever before. From advancements on the exam to an increasingly busy lifestyle, the demands on Optometry students is monumental and stressful. Our only mission is to help simplify the lives of Optometry students across the nation by providing a modern, organized, proven approach to board review. We also know that each student is unique. The new KMK Optometry website offers more choices than ever before, which allows students to tailor their selection for board review to their learning style.  

KMK Signature 

This is the fastest growing Optometry Student board review course in the nation. Proven to increase Part 1 scores by an average of 11.8%, KMK Signature was designed to help busy Optometry students stay on track with their review. KMK Signature simplifies the lives of Optometry students with clarity of a daily digital study plan. It includes the most advanced courses ever developed by KMK Optometry. KMK’s advanced courses were developed to help Optometry students attack the areas on the exam that have historically been most challenging for students. This option brings even more live review, on-demand video, and questions to Optometry Student Board Review. 

In short, KMK Signature has you covered with every industry leading Optometry student board review course available today, including KMK Campus Connect (LIVE), KMKGo. App (Advanced). KMK Image Gallery powered by Instagram®, and more.

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Disclaimer: Signature has limited enrollment and has already seen a 25% increase in enrollment as compared to last year at this time. 

KMK Plus+

KMK Plus+ is the most popular KMK Optometry board review course option.  Used by 50% of Optometry students nationwide, KMK Plus+ brings the best of both worlds together by bundling KMK Part 1 and KMK Part 2. Optometry students save $130 by bundling these courses into one with KMK Plus+.  The KMK Part 2 course was recently redesigned to help usher in a modern approach to Part 2 board review. This now features new cases, more questions that any other option in the industry, and an advanced course upgrade – KMK Crash Course Part 2;  this was the most requested course for Part 2 by Optometry students for the last 3 years. 

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KMK Plus+ also includes access to the KMK Image Gallery powered by Instagram®. This blends the power of social media and includes 500+ ocular disease images accessible instantly to your device. This is exclusive to KMK Signature and KMK Plus+. 

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KMK Core 

Used by 7% of the nation, KMK Core is designed to help Optometry students dominate Part 1 of boards. This option includes a robust video library, dynamic flashcards, and access to 2,000+ review questions for Part 1 board review. Upgrades and advancements can be made to the course throughout the duration of your KMK access.

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KMKGo. App 

The KMKGo. App was designed for busy Optometry students to help them dominate their review on the go. The KMKGo. app is now faster than ever before with a more responsive sync time. This puts the power in your palm of your hands and allows you to sync portions of the course when you need it. Once you sync, each option is always available for efficient review. 

KMK Optometry Professional 

KMK Optometry now features quick access links to navigate to professional resources developed by ODs for ODs. This includes KMK Career Builder, KMK Update and more. Follow KMK Optometry Pro on Instagram® to join the 2nd largest network of social education in the professional industry. Learn more > 

KMK Optometry Online Board Review

KMK Optometry will be announcing multiple updates to the online board review course this fall. Advancements will be made to the KMK Optometry Student Performance Dashboard® as well as modifications to course navigation and keyboard shortcuts. 

Thank you for trusting KMK Optometry for your board review. We are extremely grateful and we can’t wait to help you dominate your exams and become an amazing OD! 

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A patient wears SRx +1.00 DS -2.00 DC x 180 with a +3.00 D round 28 bifocal segment. If the top of the segment is 5 mm below the distance optical center, and the patient reads 5 mm below the top of the segment, calculate the image displacement due to the distance prescription.

All of the following oral antibiotics may exacerbate the effects of warfarin EXCEPT:

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