We are constantly looking for new ways to innovate our technology and deliver a better experience for Optometry students. The NBEO® exams are stressful, and we want to make the review process as painless as possible. 

” There are many new and exciting technological updates with KMK, but the integration of the KMK Whiteboard® into the new HD videos will be one of the most important advancements we have added in years. ” 

– Co-Founder & CEO, Dr. Kyle Cheatham

Optometry students love visuals and they learn concepts quickly when you can draw ONE sketch, or diagram, that summarizes pages (sometimes 10+ textbook pages) of content from the textbook.  KMK Whiteboard® allows the KMK instructor to display the sketch, drawing, or diagram, full-screen, so Optometry students can draw along and quickly review the main points in the material.

” The KMK Whiteboard® really does provide students with a better learning experience,” said KMK’s Chief Innovations Officer, Brandon Osborn. “It provides a ton of value to students watching the Part 1 videos, and adds even more to the Signature Coaching Course. ” 

– CIO, Brandon Osborn

This new digital feature has been used with the Signature course since 2016, and we are thrilled to be able to provide it now as part of our standard Part 1 course, Booster Courses®, and Part 1 & Part 2 Crash Courses.

We know Optometry students are busy.  Each update is designed around maximizing the time and efficiency for students.  With that in mind, we are excited for the KMK Whiteboard® tool to get in the hands of students as soon as possible!

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A patient wears SRx +1.00 DS -2.00 DC x 180 with a +3.00 D round 28 bifocal segment. If the top of the segment is 5 mm below the distance optical center, and the patient reads 5 mm below the top of the segment, calculate the image displacement due to the distance prescription.

All of the following oral antibiotics may exacerbate the effects of warfarin EXCEPT:

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